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We support reasonable rents backed by legislation. We also support the development of new social and affordable housing and other urban developments, while avoiding the displacement of tenants. This is because Germany has a much higher proportion of rented accommodation than in comparable countries. In Germany there exist comprehensive tenancy rights. We have lawyers, assessors, energy consultants and other staff to support you in any disputes with your landlords. Duration of membership is at least two years. Notice of termination, to take effect of the end of a calendar year, must be received by September 30th. The lease regulates the essential rights and obligations of tenant and landlord.

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Business and Services Directory. Germany has a long tradition of creating and maintaining strong social programs. Even given its exceptional social commitment throughout its history, Germany currently has an extremely low birth rate 1. Germany’s ideal birthrate would be 2. Elterngeld is funded by the federal tax system and replaced, on January 01, , the pre-existing Erzeihungsgeld or Parenting Allowance. This is not a permanent subsidy while it is limited to the first 12 or 14 months following the child’s birth.

The amount of the Elterngeld is based on the after taxes income of the parent dedicated to caring for the newborn and is to be viewed as a limited income subsidy. The Germans have adopted a clause based on the Scandinavian system – which allows for both parents to exercise their right to time off with their new born and to receive Elterngeld , too – by sharing the allocated ” Elterngeld time” months total.

To contract for Elterngeld , you need to apply in writing. The website is in German, but don’t worry. All you have to do is click on one of the listed Bundeslaender and the first address that comes up is where you need to apply. The second address is for applicant’s complaints. Elterngeld can only be retroactively implemented 3 months from the date the application is turned in.

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Elterngeld can only be retroactively implemented 3 months from the date the application is turned in. So, if you just had a baby, hurry up! Eligibility for Elterngeld.

Elterngeld translated literally from German as parents’ money , is a tax-financed payment for couples to encourage them to become parents, which pays an amount of money to support the costs of bringing up a child. Amount ranges from 7, euros per annum for up to one year, rising to 25, euros two-thirds of their former salary for up to one year per child born. The last 12 months prior to the birth are taken into account for measuring the average monthly income. For parents jointly rearing their newborn, they can receive 12 months of Elterngeld for the one parent caring for the child and can receive an additional 2 months of Elterngeld for the other parent, but only when they reduce their hours of work to less than 30 per week.

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Germany is considered a leading industrial nation in many areas of business and technology but when it comes to law and formal requirements it is still rather traditional. For entrepreneurs doing business in Germany for the first time this may come as a surprise. German legal practice still widely depends on original handwritten signatures and documents actually executed on paper.

This is especially true for aspects of labour and employment law. The reasoning behind this is that only written documents ensure a level of proof and warning which is adequate for the importance of the document to the employee. Any employer that ever dismissed an employee in Germany will have learned painful lessons when it comes to the right authorised signatory, the right signature on the right paper with the right letterhead and with the right pen blue and all the following obstacles in delivering a finally duly executed and signed original document to the employee being terminated.

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Where do you go? What documents do you need to have with you? Read on…. But you do have a few options. Option 1. Fahrschule If your German is minimal, even if you have a full waiver of testing but especially if you need to take either the practical road test or the theoretical written test , going through a local Fahrschule driving school that has experience working with foreigners may be the best approach for you.

For a fee they can take you through the bureaucracy involved in getting your license. They can also help you find a first-aid course required. If you have tests to pass, a driving school is the only way to go. Even Germans have to do that!

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This is how you buy a used car or motorcycle in Germany. The process is the same if you buy from a person, or from a dealership. In Germany, Mobile. If you see a vehicle you like, schedule an appointment with the owner.

win your case and having your legal expenses reimbursed at some later date.

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Friday 26 June Expat feed. Picture a town in cyberspace without litter, crime, visible poverty, but with public transport that runs on time. Not hard to imagine, perhaps.

Germany draws loads of international students every year with its reputation for high quality and low costs. Here’s a link to DW’s free online German courses. 7. your German lover – somebody on the Toytown Germany forums has Date ; Author Caitlin Hardee; Related Subjects Top

This is a pretty lengthy guide; you can either read it from top to bottom or use one of the links below to jump to the right section for you. There are a number of options for accommodation here. Take a look below and see which best suits your life:. The apartment will come as a big vacant space. This is really important to know before you move in so you can prepare in advance. Also if you want to check out more weird cultural differences, this article will be right up your street!

An Introduction to the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK)

Business and Services Directory. You’re not truly living in Germany until the paperwork’s done. Here’s a quick primer on exactly what you’ll need. All foreigners from outside the EU who wish to remain in Germany for longer than three months must obtain a residence permit Aufenthaltstitel , of which there are now two types. Contact the local Foreigners Office for more information about this. Visas are normally issued for a limited period of time, for a very specific purpose, and normally have strict conditions regarding the length of stay as well as the number of times you can leave and re-enter Germany over the life of the visa.

LVZ Online – Online version of Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper Toytown Germany – Discussion forum in English, great for tips on living in Germany and for.

Started by lonemale , 26 Oct Posted 26 Oct I’m looking for suggestions for popular online dating sites in Berlin, that have English language sections. Free is good, but paid is fine too – but all I can seem to find are small niche sites, unlike North America which has a number of very popular and active sites. And yes, I did a search of TT for online dating sites, but all I could see were some free ones that looked a little out of date.

Posted 20 Feb I was also told by one of my dates that OKC is for random hookups. What is a nice online dating site which is English language friendly and which has the professional crowd present? Something that caters to people looking for more than random hookups? My understanding in talking this over with female colleagues is that random hookups are more or less what dating sites are for in Germany. If you actively and openly seek a relationship, that immediately disqualifies you as desperate or undesirable.

One is supposed to get to know people through work or acquaintances and only then start one-on-one dates. If you want to date Germans, my advice is just to start off with making German friends, and eventually they will introduce you to their friends, you’ll meet their friends’ friends, and sooner or later you’ll find someone you click with.

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Hi everyone! My husband and I live in Munich , and we are not Germans, as such. However, we plan to settle here for good and we found an apartment for purchase. We already started the process, and we got a list of documents we need for the bank. Can anyone please give me some advice where to get these documents?

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To work as a freelancer or set up your own small business in Germany, there are several registrations and permits you need before starting your business in Germany. To work as a freelancer or sole trader or set up your own small business in Germany, you may need a residence permit and you will need to have your business recognized by the tax office or register with your local trade office before you can start working in Germany.

The rules for setting up a business as a self-employed person in Germany are the same for German citizens and foreigners. The information given here provides a general overview only, and you should always get professional advice from a German accountant or financial expert when setting up your own business in Germany. However, if you hold or wish to obtain a residence permit to work as a freelancer or set up a business as a sole trader in Germany, you will need to prove to the authorities that your business fulfills a special need or economic need, that it will benefit the German economy and that you have sufficient financial security.

For more information, read our guides to German visas and permits and getting a German work permit. It is the activity that you will be carrying out rather than your personal qualifications that decide which category your self-employment falls into and it is the tax office which makes the final decision.

This means that you have full control of your business, there is no need for minimum capital and you have full liability with your personal assets.

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